Become a character

I added a new link to my linktree and just to provide information for it. If you have read episode 4-6 it mentions how the MC and Enzo James are the 2 most feared underground gang leaders. So far I have a few members for both sides although I need more (BOTH MALE AND FEMALE). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
For the second link I am officially revamping my very first story called the untold secrets although the delay of it being originally released on September may possibly come out before the year ends or the beginning of the year but who knows :woman_shrugging:t2:. Though I do need Character for that story as well and it is fictional (wolf’s , vampires , etc) .

Third link I still need characters for Love crisis background mainly and a few important ones that relate to the MC and all four love interests.

The last link is a link to my story that IS and ALREADY published since I don’t know :thinking::woman_shrugging:t2: but it is published and give it a read tell your friends , family , grandma, mom ,sister , brother , aunt etc.! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Alright Have a good day! :kissing_closed_eyes::slight_smile: