Become a Crimson!

STOP SCROLLING :raised_hand:

hey you!! yeah you :pleading_face:
myself and my partner are currently looking for more people who would like to become a partner :smirk:

The storyline we’ve thought of is based on mythology which is gunna need a lot of research :dizzy:which is why we’ve put out the applications now

• if you are interested in applying for a role please fill out the form that displays the role you would like to do, and we will get back to you if we think you are the right candidate.

If you have any questions dm is
@episode_via and @jamie.episode_

Or just message me on here
Many thanks :white_heart:


Looking for a narrator/ someone to help with dialogue :slight_smile:


Hey girl!
I would love to help with the narration and dialogue! But I am also working on my own story! :pleading_face:Will that be a problem for you or will I still be able to help you out?

Of course not!! Would really appreciate your help :dizzy:thank you sm, me and my partner are also working on another story :white_heart:

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What do you need me to do? Anytime you need me for something please message me here on the forums since i don’t have insta.

could you fill out the narrator form please, have you got discord ?:white_heart:

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Let me go fill it out now!

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alright ty :white_heart:

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I don’t have discord, but I’ll download it now!

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alright sounds good :relieved:

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I sent my response!
Honestly I’m quite proud of my short dialogue!

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Good ty :white_heart:

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