Become a member of the Royal Episodians!


Topic started by the Queen of Episode,

Hello everybody, I am in need of some new people to be part of the Royal Episodian’s workers!

If you are interested, please put down the job you want and then write something on how you will help.

Here are some ideas:

Butler, answers all message sent to me
Top maid, helps me when help is needed
Second maid, helps me when the top maid can’t help right now
Cleaner, sorts out any problems with any Episodians


@EpisodeGirl- Hello Queen of Episode. I want the job as the top maid! If you need help I will always be there to help you!

@Cricket_Master- Hello Queen of Episode. I would love to participate in the job as the butler! I will do this job by when people send you a message, you can add me to the message and I will take care of all your problems!

Some people who are already a part of the Royal Episodians:

@Estefi is the best friend to the Queen of Episode
All the moderaters are directers

This topic will only be available to post on for a while, so if you want a job, post now!

Good luck my fellow Episodians!


@KACY_Episode is this a role playing thread or are you looking to form a writing group? Please let us know so we know where this thread is supposed to be listed. Thanks!