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As y’all probably already know I’m creating a story! And I definitely need help in many different ways. Including… coding, cover making and creating cliff hangers. If you like to do any of these things that have got to do with creating a story, but not yet ready to start here’s a good way to start. If you fill out this form and I accept you, your welcomed into a honest, loving group. I hope you have fun filling this form out and if you have any questions please ask away! Thank you :purple_heart:


I can help I would love to help you with writing and choices and characters so plz let me help you with the st


id love to help with anything! im good at extremely advanced directing, and my english is perfect

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you can just add that info in the box where it says whats unique.

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no problem!

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Ok so i have submitted an application but one question how did you create this application because i would like to make one

I just signed up : )

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Amazing :heart_eyes: I’ll get back to you tomorrow

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Great, I used google forums!