Become Command Help

So I’m using the become command for one character to change into another:

@KORA becomes MIRROR

an it’s working fine, but then when I try to change it

@MIRROR becomes KORA

it isn’t showing.
Is it just because I’m previewing it on the writer’s portal, or am I doing something wrong?

You made KORA become the MIRROR character so now she has taken on the appearance of MIRROR and she will stay like that forever. You cannot make MIRROR become KORA because then you’re basically saying MIRROR becomes MIRROR because KORA is now the MIRROR character.

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Ooh ok.
So then how could i make it that a character looks like character 2 for a flash second, and then go back to normal?

Don’t make the main character become a different character. Instead of KORA becomes MIRROR, you only need to do MIRROR becomes KORA. That way the mirror character looks like Kora and Kora stays the same

I’m actually doing this for a side character, she’s talking to someone and all of a sudden her features change for a second, and then she’s back to normal.
Would that still work the same way?

Okay so the only way to get KORA back to her original look is if you change her back to all her original features using the “changes feature into” commands

Oh ok.
Would there be a way to make it look really fast by adding a pause or something like that, or no?
Otherwise I might have to use the preview a feature :thinking:

The becomes, changes into, and previews commands have 0 beats, so yeah you would have to add a pause right after she changes

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Alrighty thanks, I’ll try playing around with the pause speeds. Have a good day/night :grinning:

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