Become “Persephone’s Fate” Guest Star!



Hello everyone! To those fans of “Persephone’s Fate”, I am allowing ONE fan to be a guest star in it and they MIGHT be an important role, or they might not. It depends on where the story is going. Put your details below and say something about yourself (personality). I will chose ONE and only ONE! Thank you!
YOU HAVE TO READ PERSEPHONE’S FATE FIRST!!! (To those people who try and wing it) :joy:


How’d u know, hehe I was gonna try n wing it lol, I hope the lucky person gets a nice role, and I’m sure they’ll bet happy too


Lol you can put your deets if you wanna be in it if your interested! :wink:


Nah , I haven’t read your story and I’m taking a break from reading due to school opening, It wouldn’t be fare that I just put deets and didn’t even read your story


K I totally get it! Same her btw