BECOMES command issues

Ever since the “imitates” command was added, the “becomes” command has stopped working properly in the app. (works fine in the web previewer)
Started with

@COUNT becomes APRIL

Which was fine and showed the APRIL character.
Later I have this in the code:

@COUNT becomes TRUDY

And it showed the APRIL character again, later still I have this command:

@COUNT becomes female profile

and it’s still showing the APRIL character.

I’m now stuck because I can’t publish the episode if it’s not showing the correct character.


i had this same problem earlier this year so it may not be because of the new imitate command, i think it might be a problem with the become command itself.

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I think I’ll do it the old fashioned way and make duplicate people, cause this is driving me crazy.

Now my MC is facing left in a whole lot of scenes where she used to face right, is that broken too?

oh that’s not good at all, I use becomes quite a lot in different situations and I don’t want to go every chapter and story to check if there is any f-k up. :confused:
Did you file a ticket for that, and did they get back to you about this issue?

Oh no! It even impacts the points system!
I have this coded:

In the web previewer, it's adding the point to the COUNT character.

But previewing in the app, it's adding the point to the becomes/imitated APRIL character!

All my coding after that then doesn’t work. I think I might cry.

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Not yet, I’ll have to send one soon because the COUNT character is now naked with purple shoes on… I don’t even have that as an outfit option!

what the h is going on here :sob: :sob: :sob: what a mess


There seems to be a bug in the portal - tagging to make you aware :slight_smile:

@jar_output_error so sorry this is happening, I’m sure they’ll fix it quickly (hopefully). Have you filed a support ticket, too?

I’ve sent in a support ticket.

I changed the becomes to imitates and it looked okay until I got to these two lines, which I can’t change:

@COUNT becomes female profile
@NAME becomes male profile
They aren't referenced in the next scene but they appeared as Trudy's ear warmers.

Okay, I know that it’s frustrating to have coding bugs – but that screenshot is hilarious - the expression of the woman looks like " get off me!"

Have you tried moving that part of the code to a scene where they are referenced? Maybe that will get rid of the human earmuffs?


I can’t make any changes at the moment, they asked for the lines that were bugging out and I’m waiting for them to get back to me about what’s happening.

I’m annoyed at the helpdesk saying it’s supposed to work like that. So I’ve sent them a link to my video showing the COUNT character as APRIL and that adding and subtracting with COUNT was working before the latest command changes.

And that I’ve played my story from start to finish through the app with no issues before the command changes, and now after the command changes all my chapters are broken. Luckily I haven’t published recently so they should be fine for anyone wanting to read them.

Well, well, well. After getting an email saying the bugs are how it’s supposed to work, I play test again on the episode app and it’s all working normally again. Even the human earmuffs have stopped appearing.
The only thing remaining is the MC defaulting facing left instead of facing right, but that’s easy to fix.

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This just seems backwards, no?

I suppose they are working on the premise that there is a fine line between a bug and a feature, and the first port of call is to call it a feature… and then fix it without saying a word.

I’m quickly fixing my chapter and I’m going to publish it soon while everything’s working.


tbh I laughed at “it’s how it should work, but let’s fix that in the shadow” :rofl:


@jar_output_error … wow. lol and yes, definitely a good idea - just have someone beta it to make sure that it’s working for readers lol I wouldn’t trust Episodes “that’s how it should work” thing.