Bed and covers overlay needed!


Can someone be kind enough to give me a bed overlay and covers, please?


What angle do you want the bed


Can I have an overview please?


Bed Overlay here
Blanket Overlay here

Please if it’s not what you want I can do it over


If you’re not already going with @Rac5hel I’d be happy to help


Thank you this is very much appreciated I like it, should I say “Credits to Rac5hel” when I’m giving credits?


I really appreciate any extras because I’m not able to created them by myself… if you could make an pink girly bed overlay with covers that would be great


You can credit me here or on Instagram rayrayepi04


Okay thank you




Yep give me a few!


Thank you


Sorry it took so long had to finish a background :grimacing:


Thank you again this is very much appreciated


how did you do that i been searching everywhere for covers but can’t find them help me please


I make them from either a non png bee or draw them and cut them out!


ohh so can you help me make some please