Bed background needed

I need some white bed backgrounds,help please? has some. Type in “bed” or “bedroom” and then search. u will come across very cool ones.

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Yeah,But I need a bed background not bedroom☹️

Do you mean an overlay of a bed or a background that is random room (nothing to do with your bedroom), like a kitchen, with a bed?

Nah,the front part of the bed,you know the scenes right,?Making out in bed ,?

Oh ok i see what u mean. You want just the top of the bed showing, that’s all. A white one. With one pillow or two?

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Yes,you got it right^.^
And also a blanket overlay :woman_facepalming:t2:
Where can I find them

OK some bed backgrounds can be found on this thread: Bed Backgrounds Help!

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also I found a blanket overlay here: White Blanket Overlay?


Thank you soooo much^.
Highly appreciate your help^.^

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