Bed Background Please

Hey, I hope you are well and are having a good morning/afternoon/evening. So for my story, I am looking for a bed background, sort of like the one below. I don’t mind what colour and I don’t need an overlay bed cover, just the background. I have seen some of these floating about but I did not want to use any and not have the right credit or if they were copyrighted. I hope you can help but if not that is fine. Ideally, I need two different ones (or two different colours). Thank you so much in advance. :blob_hearts:

None of the examples below are useable as I just found them on google to give you an idea of what I am looking for.

What I'm looking for


You can check out @orangeweedie 's google drive:

@orangeweedie.episode | Linktree

Backgrounds and Overlays > Background > Bedroom/blankets > flat bed

You’ll find a bunch!

Or you can check out this tutorial:

HOW TO: Place Character(s) in Bed (Top View) :sleeping: :sleeping_bed: - Creator’s Corner / Directing Help & Tips - Episode Forums (


Thank you so much :grin: