Bed Background / Sheets Overlays

Hi, can anyone help me get a bed background / sheet overlay? I am currently writing a new story and this would be really helpful!

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If you’d like, I have two overlays/pngs you can use for a horizontal view of a bed.

Both are sources from, I’ll add the URLs in case the images tagged do not appear as pngs.

Hope this helps!

It does help, even though I meant it in another way! But thank you!

Go here there the best

I made this the other day. All the blankets from all the episode beds if you were using one of the bedrooms provided in the art Catalog


I’m just wondering, if I’m to use the overlays that are given, how am I supposed to credit the creator on pngtree? It’s not like I can find their instagram, right?

I’m not exactly sure how to go about that in the correct manner as often times the images found on PNG tree have been edited from other images.

if I use images that are labeled “Commerical Use” They are probably from the website itself, right?

Then how am I supposed to credit them…?

Can I use these overlays and credit u :blush:

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Of course! :grin:
And no need to credit me, I simply found these online.

Thank you sooo much :slight_smile:

@KieraC.writes I know I asked if these are safe to use, but I found out myself. I think it is best if you are informed as well.

Starting with, Pngtree and kisspng are both sites that aren’t safe to use. I’ll elaborate on why later, but if you don’t believe me, I’ll send images for proof.

It might not be a huge issue (it is), or something most people don’t realize, but if you cannot trace the original source of the image and credit the owner, you can’t use the image. Unless they specified that no attribution is required and the image license is CC0 Creative Commons. Meaning it is free for commercial use and that no credit is required.

Speaking of licenses, that’s the main reason why pngtree and kisspng aren’t safe to use, most of their images are personal use, and that attribution is indeed required. Therefore, you cannot randomly use their images without crediting them.

Here’s the proof:
Pngtree has changed it’s format a bit, and no longer displays the license in the description, but there is a way to tell.

If the image has "Premium Commercial Use’ on there, it just means it is available to advertise, use on websites, posters, and flyers. Using it in your story is considered a form of advertising and images that have that license can only be used. It also means that it is only available for premium users. In Pngtree, attribution is required for commercial use images (unless Premium user), so must credit the author. unless under CC0 Creative Commons license or specified by the owner.


But I went ahead and searched off-white blanket:

Terms of Service also says this in the terms of service:

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Oh I’m so sorry. :sob:

Wasn’t aware of the change in terms, I haven’t used it recently and wasn’t aware of any changes!

Thank you so much for helping me acknowledge this. :grin:

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