Bed Code Help I Cant Code It

how do i get my character and his girlfriend next to each other on this bed


Use spot directing and a Lay animation

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Use spot directing. You basically need to go to the preview in the writer’s portal, click on show helpers, then spot directing.

You can scale and move your characters there. Copy the text in the box under the preview and paste it into your script.

@CHARACTER1 spot x
@CHARACTER2 spot x

Hi Guys.
Was just wondering if we use code suggested by people on this forum, do we need to give credit in the episode? I’m new to episode, just trying to make sure I do the right thing. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
Have a lovely day.

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If it’s just giving advice and corrections, usually people won’t ask for credit. But if you are using a template made my someone, then yes, credit should be given.

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Thank you!!

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