Bed commands? All advise is good


Anyone have any knowledge of how to put a character sleep on a bed and then sitting on bed and getting up from it ? need help.



thank you, im so useless at this haha


You will have to use spot directing for this. If you want your character to “get up” you need place your character in sit animation then use spot directing to move it on the bed, same with the standing up animation


You’re not :slight_smile: it’s ok! You’re just learning! Let me know if you need more help x


so much coding haha and i will, thank you


i cant get the right spot setting for my character to sit on edge of bed, on the ‘dumpy apartment bed day’ background, ive tried 3 and dont know anymore


in zone 2 this is


its ok i have the placement i need, thanks for everyones help, this topic can be closed


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: