Bed overlays problem HELP

hello i have a problem , whenever i download a bed overlay pic from google it does not show up when i want to upload it to my overlays, and i can’t find any except those on the internet . let me show u an example of them guys :

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If its an overlay it must be a png file
Not jpg

a png file ?

Yes. Overlays must be png and backgrounds are jpg

so where do i get them from ??

You can search for bed overlays png on google or you can use for eg picsart to edit it
I can help you if you want
Send me the picture on ig

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Be careful when you do this as these images can be copyrighted and you don’t want to end up stealing someone’s work and using it without credit : )

And yes, overlays do have to be png, it says so right on Episode’s art catalog, under overlays:

Your overlay must be PNG and below 1 MB.

You can check out blanket overlays here: is also an awesome website to get backgrounds/overlays from, free of use : )

Good luck!


thank you !

thank you , i appreciate your help !