Bed sheet overlay?


Does anyone have a bed sheet overlay i could use? I will give you credit for it :slight_smile:




that’s perfect thank you Mary, What do I write for your credit?


@maryp.episodefr \o/
But I found it on free overlay something so you don’t necessarily have to 🤷🏾


Thank you Mary, I will credit you for your overlay :wink:


Sorry to do this, but um, that’s my overlay?? :confused:

It’s the only bird’s eye view one I have currently and I can tell it’s mine from the stuff up in the bottom left corner


Oh sorry I thought you made the overlay but all good :), Thank you heaps for the bed sheet :slight_smile:


Nvm, I see you’ve edited your post now. Cheers


Oooh. I was so scared :sob:


Hi amberose I will credit you for it, whats your @ for crediting? :slight_smile:


Nobody should takes advantage of artists.
They work their a** off, taking their art, even if it’s just an overlay is unacceptable.


If you are ok with me using it of course :slight_smile:


I agree with you Mary which is why I make sure I credit the artist for their hard work if I am using art that is not mine


That’s my girl!


Oh yeah, totally fine. Idec if you don’t give me credit as long as you don’t give someone else credit instead, that was all I was worried about. The blankets are for anyone to use, so knock yourself out. Should you want to credit me @amberose will do fine


I might need an overlay in the future for my story, but I don’t know if it’s possible :thinking:.
Do you have IG?


Only forums hun. Feel free to PM :slightly_smiling_face:


I would never credit anyone else for someones hard work don’t worry, I will credit you Amber, The blankets are exactly what I’m looking for, Thank you so much amber and Mary for your help :slight_smile:


No probs, Bob :wink:


Team work!