Bed top view with blanket overlay needed

Hi lovies!

Could someone lend me a bed top view background with a blanket overlay? Please :pray:

I promise to give credit.

I can do it do you have preferred colours ?
It’s double or for one ?

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@PoojaI has some on her drive!

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Is for this background…

So it could be white with 2 pillows.

Ok I am going to have them ready soon :blush:

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Hi you may check out mine if you wanna try… @Raven_Stark

Maybe you like mine too


I have top views for this in my drive you can check it out!

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Here you go :grin:
You can credit me with my Instagram @kary_2writes



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Thank you very much girls!

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Omg, these are so nice!!! Thank you for making these, and having them accessible :blush: :pray: :pray:.
Is it alright if I still use them…?

Yes of course