Bedroom Background help!

Hello everyone! I need bedroom background like shared bedroom background for girls like not a pinky one they are grown up besties working. One is a funky one but another is decent so i want according to that. If possible i would be needing living room and bathroom as well. They live in a normal apartment so backgrounds should be according to that!

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Hi! If you are looking for a very specific background, I’d recommend maybe commissioning one. If that’s out of the question, you can probably make edits out of an already-episode background.

I commissioned a bedroom for my character as I was looking for something very specific. Mine was only $10 but you can commission for as low as $5, depends on the seller.

I found this!

Credit her @j.miley.stories on insta if youuse this :purple_heart:

Mm sorry i want it for free!!

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Woww!! This is pretty cool! Can i get its overlays?

Thanks but this background does not fit for my story. TIA sweetie!!