Bedroom background needed!

Anybody who can provide me background of bedroom day and night please

Do u need episode backgrounds or something other than that?

Yes episode story background

U can find it on the website


i can make you a custimized background for you if you want???:grinning::grinning::grinning:

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yes i can

Yes please!!! I would like it a lot

Ok What do you want in it???

Just you can make as your wish it should be fancy and for a male character

Ok sent it when i an done

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Take your time…


It’s done i just need to know how Big you want it???

3 zoned
If possible

I Can try but i dont know If it’s Good for the picture

You can fit yourself
I have no problm at all

hiya! if you ever need splashes, come to my pages and request them here!

Sure I will!

Did you completed?