Bedroom Background Sharing!

Hey guys!!

I don’t know about some of you, but I always find myself searching endlessly for good-quality backgrounds. Especially bedrooms. If I find a good one, it’s most likely not episode style and is just an image off free commercial use websites!!

However, I was doing my usual search of backgrounds this morning and someone uploaded a TON of amazing episode-looking backgrounds.

And so I wanted to share them with everyone!

You don’t need to credit me as I found them on pixabay, however, if you would like, please credit my insta: lyla.writes_

I found so many of these backgrounds (about 30) so if anyone wants anymore let me know!!


Thanks for sharing these! :relaxed:

of course! <3

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I noticed the backgrounds aren’t the correct size, so I resized them :relaxed:


I actually found a couple more! Thought I’d share them:))


HIII!! I want to make my own custom backgrounds. What did you use to make these backgrounds? Like what desktop apps and softwares? :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: It’s so gorgeous by the way! What did you search on pixabay to get these backgrounds? Because I tried searching up bedroom and episode bedroom but nothing like these came up.

Well, she didn’t make these backgrounds, these are from pixabay :slightly_smiling_face: