Bedroom Need for my story

Hi. Can someone make me a not too girly girl’s bedroom that is realistic for my new story? I will give credit.

check out faithy_edits on instagram - her bedrooms are all pretty and not too girly,

Thanks, I’m looking for a more realistic type tho :thinking:

give cretit for alexa_episode if u like this

Oh god I’m so picky :sweat: is there one with a city background of like in the window?

credit goes to nataliesky.episode


background credit goes tiffwrts
You can always look in in this one drive maybe she has some that you like

Is there a day version to the 1st one?

This is the one for me!!! Thank you so muchhhh!

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don’t forget to credit @nataliesky.episode
no problem.

Hey, could I use this background? I’ll credit @nataliesky.episode of course, but could I?

yeah. it’s on her drive. so its for the public.

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hey, could you share the link of alexa’s drive?