Bedroom overlay help

Hi i’m doing a story and don’t know how to do an overlay for a bedroom scene with a blanket. Can you help?

This is the bedroom i’m using and want something like this overlay bed if u can or know someone.

I’m not entirely sure if this was what you were looking for but I just used the top image for a blanket overlay


Thank you that works good. So when I go into the Episode website do I just upload this as an image or how do I upload it to use it for an overlay?

you can go to the overlay tab in the art catalog, then you’ll see a drop down box on the left that says overlays available for all stories.
When you click that it’ll show you an option that says upload to your account, then from there you can attach the file and start using it :revolving_hearts:

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Thank you

Can I use this for my story? Unfortunately, I don’t know how to credit.

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yes you can. sorry it took so long i’m not normally on here unless i have an issue. all you have to do for credit is put at the beginning of story or top of overlay when the scene comes up:
Credit for overlay goes to (person name or @instagramname)