Beer Bottle Prop Bug?

In a panning shot, there’s supposed to be a character drinking in the background, but for both stemware and cup animations, the bottle is floating from the drinker’s hand.



I don’t know if this is a bug or if I’m doing something wrong.

Can we see your script too see any mistakes?

@zoom reset

@ROSE changes into ROSE_ndaclub
@add Bottle Beer Glass Amber Blue to FEMALEPARTIER 1

&FEMALEPARTIER 2 spot 0.893 267 49 in zone 1 AND FEMALEPARTIER 2 is dance_armsup_hipthrust_loop AND FEMALEPARTIER 2 faces left

&LEVI spot 0.947 162 35 in zone 1 AND LEVI is dance_armsdown_hipthrust_loop AND LEVI faces right

&FEMALEPARTIER 1 moves to layer -1 AND FEMALEPARTIER 1 spot 0.875 83 159 in zone 1 AND FEMALEPARTIER 1 is idle_cup_neutral_loop

While the character displayed in the images and the character I used in the code are different, the code I used for both characters are the same.

May-be remove the zoom rest and put it at end of the story. But if that don’t work I thinks you would file ticket

Noo, don’t worry, girl.
It is a bug Episode hasn’t fixed.:green_heart::green_heart:
It will look like that wherever you rewrite the script for 10000 times.
You just have to ignore it. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: