Before & After Of My Art


Hiya, This is a before and after of the art I have done. I would really like to get an opinion about this.

Left: Edited

Right: Original


Hi I could give you a tutorial on putting jewelry


Yeah if u want.


I can also try to give you some tips if you would like?


Of course


Okay so I usually have Avery clear outline and I do all my coloring underneath the outline so I can still see it unless it’s something like eyeshadow well even then. Okay if it’s like highlights.I would add some shading with the airbrush idk if you use ibis paint x but tahts what I’m going off of.


OK I use paint to do my artwork but will definitely try ibis paint to try.


I think it’s a great start but my best advice is that practice makes perfect I swear it truly does.


Thank you. And I will.


No problem I would live to see your future art as you progress and I am online a good amount of the tike if you ever need help.


OK thank you.