Before reported me, thinking about this


Think about this before you report this, I was helping people who were victims of bullying. People who betrayed friends, or called us a fake.
Think about this, if :earth_africa: was gone we would be in heaven already.

So have you been bullying or been a victim of bullying.


yes i was bullied most of my school time. it suck


Yes, I know a friend of mine who was bullying hard in high school say that a friend call her a harassment and stalker but that wasn’t true. Then 2 obsessed girls who pet issues call a meanie.

I guess some people who bully have issues.:thinking:

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yep, In my junior and senior years, I dont mind it, I just mind my business and do what I have to do.


We all need to stand up against bullying and help people who were victims of bullying. Nothing of my friends stand up for me while a mean girls bully me.

Even the girl who was hard hit in high school being called a harassment and stalker.


Big fact.



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Yes, I’ve been bullied, most of it happened in public school and middle school though. But it did leave a really big impact on me when I was a kid and for a long time, I had thoughts of not wanting to be on the Earth anymore but I’m in a better place now and my love for writing and reading helped me to cope. At that time, there was no technology for me, so I depended on writing in my notebooks. I have so many stories lying around, sometimes I read them for fun XD Anyways, I just want to say to anybody that if you’re going through something horrible, check out my linktree for hotlines to contact, safety resources to consult or feel free to PM me so you can talk about it and I can listen :heart:


Yeah, I have been bullied and currently being bullied, but what I don’t like is when people don’t do anything when they see a person getting bullied! The real question, why? To not get involved? You could be doing such a big favor to the victim but just watching and not doing anything, you are just helping the bully. In the words of Elie Wiesel…

Always speak out when you see someone getting bullied or in terrible situations, you are doing such a great favor. :slight_smile:


i guess? some girl was completely rude to me in 5th grade when i cried about everything, and wouldn’t stop online. i only told a few people and they stood up for me, i guess? i wasn’t really nice to her afterwards for a little either though. her and i are cool now, we actually talk in our classes.




Yep, school and colleges need to do something better for kids through adult getting bullying.


Yep! Most definitely been bullied lol, got me to develop very bad anxiety :sweat_smile:


Music actually helps me calm down especially playing piano lessons. I started playing piano way back in October 2010 now it my 9th year and play really fun Disney songs like when you wish upon a Star and many more.

So play piano lessons help me out because I used to watch a lot of kids show like that talk about music.
My grandma pay for my piano in 2010 but now she in heaven after she was had cancer in her chest. Although my family and friends will miss her but in I know my family will see her one day when we get to heaven. :pensive:


Uhh…bullied(victim if u wanna call it that) dunno wat else to say

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Bullying is never right and my old friends who used me are boy crazy but I’m happy that I don’t have a man in my life.


Yes, I’ve been bullied before.

It sucks.




People who bully have problems. They have issues at home, or simply wants to assert their dominance, which means they want people to see them as a higher person. They bully victims to make themselves feel better, that they are not the only one who’s miserable in life.

My mother always tells me to ignore them.

a past of mine

I’ll be real with you guys, I think I’m the bully. And I REGRET it so much. I’m stupid. I still remember scaring a new girl in class at ten years old. I hate it, I want to say sorry so much but I can’t. I have no idea where she studies now (I moved the next year, she must’ve been glad). I remember approaching her and she being so scared with me. My gloomy face doesn’t help either. I wanted to be friends…

I don’t remember her name but… I’m sorry.

I now know how it must’ve felt like.

It gives you anxiety, thinking constantly what’ll happen to you today. tomorrow. the day after.

After that, I stopped bullying. I try to become calmer and more mature. Heck, I’m just a kid. More stupid stuff happens. But stupid cringey stuff happens is also a phase in life.

But what had happened always have a reason. A better cause.

I think I’m gradually improving. I’m 16 now and I can say I’ve been better at making friends. I know what to not do.

The first impression is always an important phase.

Don’t hide your insecurities by bullying

Thank you for reading my long butt story.
I’m sorry to victims of bullying.
I feel like I’m one of the cause.
I promise I’ve moved past bullying.


:innocent: just be yourself and don’t let bullying bring you down.