Before The Explosion |RP| |Sign ups| {open}


You are at a house party when you mysteriously get locked in. Can you escape before the house explodes?

House BluePrints only come out as soon as I have at least 5 people signed up.

Link to Sign Up forms:

Let me know if you have any other questions.



Will it be in ink?


It’s not a story it’s a role play


Oh because u said to describe the character so I described it in ink form… sorry


Umm. No. It doesn’t say ink


I know it didn’t say ink u said describe ur character faceclaim


A faceclaim is a picture of your person. Usually it’s a picture of someone irl.


Oh sorry then :weary:


It’s fine. Np.


Lol thought you were going to make it into a story my bad then😕


It’s fine.


I’m signing up.