Begin screen Art needed for a New Story!



Hi everone,

I need a art for my new story!

the story is about a girl who had a shitty past and meets a hot guy.


The art is for the begin screen where you click on if you want to read that story ( in episode AS ‘‘SMALL ART’’).
The information about the carracters will i do right down below.
Clothes are your choise, But please thet the boy wear THE: Black suit shirt and tie WITH THE RIPPED PUNK JEANS!
Thank you in advance,
love you


  • Skin color ; Tan
  • Brows; defined Natural
  • Hair; Beach Wave Hair , COLOR; Charcoal
  • Eyes; Upturned Feline, COLOR; Blue
    -Face; Soft Heart
  • Nose; Even
  • Lips; Full Round, COLOR; Blush.


  • Skin tone; Tan
  • Brows; Medium Sharp
  • Hair; Boy Bun, COLOR; Black
  • Eyes; Classic Round, COLOR; toffee
  • Face shape; Chiseled Square
  • Nose; Button
  • Lips ; Classic, COLOR; taupe


Hello! I might be able to help! Is it ink or limelight?


I can do it ! From the


Thank you so, so so much! Your an angel, and of course i’ll give you credits! xx


Lol, NP! By when do you want it?


Preferably, tomorrow in the afternoom bc i am going on vancation the day after… but if that doesn’t work out next week! x


Frosty is with us send the details here


The girl is done :heart:️, I will edit her to an opacity of 80% and I will make the male Character facing opposite of her, trying to grab her before she vanishes into thin air…lol…Hope I make sense :woman_shrugging:t2:


its reallllllyyyyy pretty!!!