Begin screen Art needed for a New Story!

Hi everone,

I need a art for my new story!

the story is about a girl who had a shitty past and meets a hot guy.


The art is for the begin screen where you click on if you want to read that story ( in episode AS ‘‘SMALL ART’’).
The information about the carracters will i do right down below.
Clothes are your choise, But please thet the boy wear THE: Black suit shirt and tie WITH THE RIPPED PUNK JEANS!
Thank you in advance,
love you


  • Skin color ; Tan
  • Brows; defined Natural
  • Hair; Beach Wave Hair , COLOR; Charcoal
  • Eyes; Upturned Feline, COLOR; Blue
    -Face; Soft Heart
  • Nose; Even
  • Lips; Full Round, COLOR; Blush.


  • Skin tone; Tan
  • Brows; Medium Sharp
  • Hair; Boy Bun, COLOR; Black
  • Eyes; Classic Round, COLOR; toffee
  • Face shape; Chiseled Square
  • Nose; Button
  • Lips ; Classic, COLOR; taupe
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Hello! I might be able to help! Is it ink or limelight?

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I can do it ! From the


Thank you so, so so much! Your an angel, and of course i’ll give you credits! xx

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Lol, NP! By when do you want it?

Preferably, tomorrow in the afternoom bc i am going on vancation the day after… but if that doesn’t work out next week! x


Frosty is with us send the details here

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The girl is done :heart:, I will edit her to an opacity of 80% and I will make the male Character facing opposite of her, trying to grab her before she vanishes into thin air…lol…Hope I make sense :woman_shrugging:t2:


its reallllllyyyyy pretty!!!


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