Beginner - Having trouble with writing portal

I may have put this in the wrong spot.
I am wanting to start writing a story that i have on Wattpad on Episode.
I have been watching Joseph Evans Tutorials, but for some reason, I can’t even get passed having the character enter the screen. It keeps saying i did it wrong…

For example…I’ll put

“@ SOPHIA” enters from left side screen to center screen (Btw i put @ and SOPHIA together, i just didn’t want to tag a stranger in this.

that didn’t work so i just tried: SOPHIA

what am i doing wrong? please help!

@ SOPHIA enters from screen left to screen center

okay, i just tried that then i get the error "Use @Character enters from X to screen Y

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it says that but preview it it should work you can use spot director and then spot then so it’s easier to have them where you want

Okay, i just tried @ SOPHIA enters from left to screen center and it worked :slight_smile: Thank you!

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I only have one more question, do you by any chance know how to get them into a car scene like their driving?


You’ll need to spot direct and use an overlay. Joseph Evans videos are how I learnt. If you copy what he says you’ll be good :grinning:


The word bolded (screen) should not be there :slight_smile:
@SOPHIA enters from left to screen center
You already got it though, so that’s awesome :grin::orange_heart:

And here’s a guide to check out on entering and exiting: -really awesome and easy to follow tutorial.

I ecourage you to check out Joseph Evans’ tutorials on Youtube-they have helped many!

And for the driving car scene can check out:

On here, you will find script templates for driving a car : )
Good luck with everything!

oh yh lol sorry I must’ve added it by accident

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