Beginner needs help with command please! URGENT

Hi there! So i’m not sure whats going on, but what I want is my character to sit behind the desk and type in layer -1 while facing left, and iv’e typed in the command but when I preview the action he is just standing there?? (he sits in a spot) I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? I am not getting a script error so I couldn’t ave typed it in wrong :sleepy::joy: Please help!

Could you show that part of the script? :thinking:

I just deleted that part to try again :joy: How would you type the command in?

What style are you using (ink, classic, limelight), name of the background and the animation?

limelight and it is a custom background called INT.OFFICE1

Hey, try this:

@CHAR spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 1 at layer -1 AND CHAR faces left AND CHAR is type_sit_neutral_loop

However, you can move the character around and change the S X Y (1.280 160 0) values for them and replace CHAR with the actual character’s name.

I hope it makes sense what I’m trying to say…:sweat_smile:

it worked but now I have a new problem… I took a screen shot so you can see whats happening. I want my male character to exit right and enter right and walk to a spot near screen center and i want him stand in front of the desk but it isn’t working :sleepy:

Wait, do you want him to exit right and then enter right? Sorry, I’m a bit confused by this…:sweat_smile:

yes i want him to exit right and then come back into the scene from the right side :joy:

from line 95 to 99

@IAN exits right

@pause for a beat

@IAN enters from right to spot 1.280 181 41 in 3
@IAN moves to layer 4

Thank you It worked but when he walks he is still behind the desk? How do I fix that?

So you want him to walk in front of the desk and appear in front of it, right? Not behind it?
P.S What layer is the desk at?

Yes :blush: The desk is at layer 2

@IAN exits right

@pause for a beat

@remove IAN

@IAN spot 1.280 470 41 in zone 1 at layer 4
@IAN walks to spot 1.280 181 41 in 3

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Yes thank you!! It worked :joy: You are a huge help thank you so much!

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Do you have any stories that you have written that I can support? :grin:

Can you please maybe help with something else. the next scene takes place in a cafe, my 2 characters are sitting at the table, but I want people in the background, and walking in and out of the scene behind them, how would I do this?