Beginner needs help with command

Hi there! In one of my scenes I want my one character to pace from zone 1 to zone 2 and for some parts I want the camera to follow my character. (nervous pace) Can someone please assist me and tell me how to do this :sweat_smile: I want it to be a flow movement, because I have noticed some things can look pretty wonky :joy: Thank you so much!

@cut to zone 3

@cut to zone 2

@follow character to screen center in zone 3

I tried this it isn’t working :sleepy: I am also using INT. OFFICE MODERN - DAY and my one character is working on the laptop while facing rear, I want my one character to walk in front of him and the laptop and I tried using layer 0 and 1 and she only walks in front of my character but not in front of the computer, she is walking behind the laptop? anyway to fix this?

Do u want the character pace in the same zone or like pace from pan 1 to pan 2?

From pan 1 to pan 2

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@cut to zone 2

@cut to zone 1

@follow CHARACTER to screen center in zone 2