Beginner needs help with "editing" please help

Hi there! So I have read a lot of stories and I see such cool “editing tricks” (don’t know how else to put it) such as in stead of the normal fading it does a circular motion into the next scene, a pop up block that pops up with hits saying for example ( This character will remember this choice), and high lighted words in their text?
How does one do these things? And are there any other cool things you could tell me how to do? I want my story and upcoming story t be unique but it is so hard when I only know how to do the very basic things. :sleepy:

Thank you!

To do the message that appears above you do

readerTitle text here
readerMessage text here

As for the different transitions you can search the different names on here. There’s fade, iris, curtain and other ones I can’t remember off by heart


There’s a lot of tricks you can find on here by searching or you can ask authors from stories you read as well

Guides are helpful. Like very. It’s rare that I can’t find something in Episode Guides. For the rest there is forum.

Where do I find episode guides :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I am new to this :sweat_smile:

God bless google

Main page


Please check this out for different fading styles!

Thanks for linking, you’re awesome :smile:

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I should thank you for providing the tutorial. You are helping everyone, I really appreciate that :blush::purple_heart:

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