Beginner needs help with error

Hi there, My “choice” is giving a script error and I’m not sure why? Will someone please help me.

Choice can only be after a speech
So you have to make a character or the narrator say something then put the choice after it.

For example
CHARACTER (animation)
I ate a chicken.
“stay silence” {



Thank you I fixed it :joy: I’m having another error and I don’t understand why?
@KYLE enters from left to screen center in 3 at layer -3 in zone 1

It gives me a error?

You can’t have -numbers for layers

I think you should split the commands
@ KYLE enters from left to screen center in zone 1
& KYLE moves to layer #

You can’t put timing and zone commands together…I don’t know why.
So you either have the zone in zone 1 or time in 3

still an eror
I’ll chance the -3 but thats not the error…

you can try spot walking
@cut to zone 1
@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center

you can’t add zone to basic walking commands :pensive: