Beginner needs help with phone forum

Hi there. Is there any forum for the phone command? I want my character to send text messages on a phone but I have no idea how to do so? Please help!

Can check out:

Also this is pretty cool too:

Good luck! :lollipop::black_heart:

I tried following the forum but this happened?

It’s probaby not working for you : /

Some other people have been experiencing this too : (

You can try testing it on mobile and if no luck, then I suggest using messages from the Website provided above ^^

Is it then a background that must first be approved? ( the fake text messages)

Yes, you’ll need to upload them into your backgrounds section on the art catalog : )

It’s there another way? I have seen many stories where the text messages look like choice options.


You could use that phone background in your screenshot and spot both of the characters offscreen while they talk so it makes it appear like it’s a text conversation going on : )

P.S Adjust any speechbubbles that need adjusting!

Can try:

@SYDNEY stands screen center in zone 2
@KYLE stands screen right in zone 2