Beginner needs help

Hi there! Can someone please tell me how to follow a character to another zone (the camera follows the character) and I also want to follow the character to a specific stop in zone 2. Any suggestions? (Limelight)

You can not follow to a spot.

@follow CHARACTER to screen left/center/right

Or just do

@CHARACTER walks to spot 248 974 in zone to AND pan to zone 2

@SPENCER walks to spot 1.055 274 170 in zone 1 AND pan to zone 1
this is out of my Script to show you better how I did it.

This is what I put but it isn’t right: @follow SYDNEY to screen left in zone 2 AND SYDNEY is run_athletic_neutral_loop.
Can you maybe spot the problem with my sentence?

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Do u still need help?

Read this:

Hope it helps ^^

Have a lovely day/night :black_heart:

I don’t know then. It looks fine to me.

Try AND SYDNEY does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop