Beginner needs help!

Hi everyone! So this is going to be difficult to explain so I hope I can explain it well:joy: Ok so basically my characters are have a heart to heart moment, and how they are currently standing is my female character is facing rear and the male character is facing right (So basically she is standing in front of him) I now want to change the position to where it is the opposite. I want them to be zoomed in and I want him to stand in front of her facing rear and I want her to stand in front of him, but I don’t want them to walk to the position I want the scene to almost switch into that position if that makes any sense :see_no_evil::joy: Can someone please explain to me how to achieve this.
I am using Limelight.

from what you described, i think you looking for a over shoulder scene. Episode Life has a template like this, it’s in INK, but u can change the animations for LL style

Yes that’s exactly what I am searching for thank you! :grin:

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you’re welcome :blush:

Solved and closed. :smiley: