Beginner searches for partner

Hey guys
im new to writing stories and i want to search for a partner who can help me with coding and writing.
if u are interested it would be much appreciated
im open to write stories together , taking advice and working together.

hopefully you are interested ; )

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Hey, do you know what kind of story you’re wanting to write?

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Like @/epi.sophieee stated, you should probably include some details about the type of story you want to collab with someone on, so that they can decide whether they’d like to work with you on this project or not. It doesn’t have to include huge spoilers or plot points, but at least include things like the genre, tropes, and the complexity of story you’re aiming for.

(Free free to copy, paste, and edit the template I’ve typed out below!)

Title: ‘___’ (Not necessary to list here, but if you do include it, it can be a working title!)
Genre: ___ (Genre/s here!)
Subgenres: ___ (If there’s any of importance…)
Tropes: ___ (List the important ones first! EG, friends to lovers, found family, sunshine/grumpy pairing, etc.)
Coding Complexity: ___ (Think things like choice branching, advanced overlay use, text effects, etc.)

Other Notes: ___ (Anything important about your story that any potential writing partners need to know before they decide to work with you.)

Hope this helps! : )

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Hi sophie : )
Actually I’m still thinking about it , if you have any ideas or a favorite genre you write about ( if you are interested ) you can also share that with me.

I might be thinking about an enemies to lovers type of thing or even something like where there is a guy , like a gang member/leader and typically a cute innocent girl ( doesnt have to be innocent) and i still need to figure out the rest . But something like him having a soft spot only for her and she is like hard to get at first.
Thats just really briefly what im thinking about , if you’re interested i can tell you when i figured out the rest or we can even think about something together: )

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Hey sorry I replied so late, were you still looking for some help?

Hey, are you free to help me write my story? I’m so new to it, and even though I’m getting the gist, I’m struggling. I jusr want it to be the best. Let me know, thankyou <3