Beginner's Guide To The Writer Portal - Tips, Tricks, Guides and Everything You Need To Know About The Writer Portal!



Hi guys I am Kitty and you may or may not know me, but I am here with a Beginners guide to the Writer Portal because I realized that people all around the world creating Episode Stories need advice or help so here it is you got your own little electronic guide but for now lets start with the basic topic and that is how to be the best writer you can be and at the end of the lesson I will ask questions considering your opinion and I am not the best at moving overlays so I will try my best and banners were made by @Mariel
Rules and announcements
Ask relevant questions
Don’t judge people by their opinion
You must always stay on topic
Any questions and comments PM them to me or say on this thread.
Art lessons coming soon!
If you want to join say “I love Puppies!”
Tag a friend that might be interested in joining.
10 lessons in total – Hope you enjoy.

1st guide of the day – How to be the best author you can be?

A lot of people ask this to themselves and this is a pretty good question and I have some answers to most of those question that keeps coming back to you for more and you don’t know what the answer is well you’re in luck.

  1. When writing your story to keep calm you can listen to some music it will help keep you calm, relaxed and focused.

  2. This isn’t a must but get Instagram you can get to distinguish new tricks and Skills for writing your story, share ideas with newly found authors and more which is a good thing if you want to improve.

  3. Don’t rush when writing your story this is very important because when rushing in your story there may cause directing mistakes, plot holes, typos and more

  4. Get story reviews – Story reviews help you a lot in the making of stories because it tells you what you what you need to improve, what you missed in your story, what more to have to add to your story. Basic things like that and we note it overall the first 3 episodes or more.

  5. When you finish the 3 episodes of your story preview it and read the lines again because if you don’t you may have grammatical mistakes and more but don’t worry it has happened to me before.

  6. Don’t let anyone discourage you because your capable of doing what you desire can do it. I know you can :blush:

  7. Before starting a story, you must have a plot or else you’ll be stuck in the middle, - so I prepared some guidelines to use but you don’t have to have any assistance of them these are only if you want to use them.
    A. What is my story about or going to be about?
    B. Who is the main character?
    C. What is the genre of the story?
    D. What makes the story unique?
    E. What happens in the story?
    F. What do you need for it?
    Ex: Story cover, Splashes etc.

  8. Publish your story when you have a vision of what the next episode will be about so that when you won’t get stressed out and the final and last tip is to be confident about yourself, what you have done, and things might go awesome and things might not, but you will be happy about what you have accomplished.

Questions of the day.
What are your tips to beginner authors?
What guidelines would you give to someone that has difficulty with making his/her story?
Which on above is your favorite tip and tricks?
Thanks for coming for todays guide!

Ok Next Guide Starts In A few Min


I completely agree with you. With all of the things you said. My tip for beginners would be:
Don’t rush, take your time. It may seem complicated at the beginning and I know it can be difficult to code a good script. But just go and watch tutorials and get help here on the forums if you don’t know what to do next.

Nice thread btw :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love this thread, thank you for the help!


This is such a useful thread! Can’t wait to see what other guides you have next :blush: