Behavior Imitation Warning

For some reason I keep getting this warning

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My character (HADEEL) is a plus size character and in the animation catalog there is walk_pregnant_neutral_loop animation for her and it even portrays the animation itself.

I coded it this way:
@HADEEL walks to spot 0.712 126 264 in zone 2 in 3 AND HADEEL does it while walk_pregnant_neutral_loop

Can anybody tell me what seems to be the issue and if there is something I need to fix?


Use the animation from the portal. Not in the animation section in the Art Catalog. It did the same for me.

I just tried it and it didn’t work :’) this is driving me crazy


It did with me as well. lol


Hm, did you try to refresh the page?

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I tried multiple times and it’s still the same, but thank you for trying to help me out !!

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Np, keep sending a support ticket. I hope it get solved soon! Was their any coding problem as well?

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I did change the animation to see if I had any coding problem, and there wasn’t any. It seems that it might be a portal issue.


Yeah, it might be.

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This has been happening to me too for about 2 weeks. So far I haven’t been able to find a fix. I think it’s a bug with the server as it has been happening to several others too.


yes, i came across your post, but i realized it’s not a coding issue we scripted. it seems to be a portal issue because when i try to preview the animation, it’s definitely working!

i had this issue for almost a week now and i gave up at the end & replaced them with different animations :’)


For me, I thought the issue was that the characters didn’t have a display name (the issue only happened when I made the display names of the characters blank, and worked when I used characters that had regular display names) but now seeing your post, I can see that isn’t the case.

I hope this gets fixed soon, it’s really irritating! For a long time I thought I was doing something wrong with the code, but I guess not :sweat_smile:


yes :sob: i had to review my whole script again thinking i did something wrong. please let me know if episode solves the issue for you! everyday is a struggle with the things that happen in the portal 🥲


I’ll be sure to let you know!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Same here. It’s happening in Ink also. I changed the animations but it’s still giving me the warning sigh
I hope it gets fixed soon. :crossed_fingers:

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Happening here too, has been for 4 weeks now and there doesn’t seem to be a fix for it which is irritating as I always use the animations from character list side of the script send a ticket but no luck as of yet

The same happened to me, but I’m writing an INK story. Can someone help? This is my scene and I’ll bold what is getting the warning.

&cut to zone 5
&zoom reset
&AARON spot 0.902 26 203 in zone 5 AND AARON is idle_rear
&MORMI spot 0.902 105 199 in zone 5 AND MORMI is idle_rear AND MORMI faces right
&JORDAN spot 0.821 263 274 in zone 5
@ transition fade in black in 2

&JORDAN walks to spot 0.902 156 175 in zone 5 in 2
@ zoom on 1280 317 to 155% in 1.5
@ pause for a beat

    JORDAN (talk_think)
What are you guys looking at?

@ JORDAN is search

@ pause for 2

&zoom on 1280 425 to 250% in 3
&AARON walks to spot 0.902 249 207 in zone 4 AND AARON is idle_rear
@ MORMI walks to spot 0.902 235 202 in zone 5 AND MORMI is idle_rear
@ speechbubble is 210 168 to 100% with tail_top_right
JORDAN (search)
(The Destinies Club?)
(That sounds interesting…_)

@ pause for 1
&zoom on 1395 338 to 279% in 0

@ JORDAN is dance_drop_it

@ pause for 1
JORDAN (talk_excited)
I’m joining!
@ zoom on 1315 77 to 193% in 0.1
&MORMI is startled_surprised AND MORMI faces left
@ zoom on 1540 348 to 235% in 0.2

@ pause for 1.3

The warning says “Behavior dance_drop_it may not exist in all imitated body types for imitating character JORDAN. May display idle animation instead.”


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It’s a portal bug, it should preview just fine in the app. :blush:

I’m just assuming for you don’t have the spaces between the @ symbols and the letters in your script and just have it there for your reply on the forums, if not, then you don’t need the spaces in your script for those commands.

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