Behaviour may not exist?

Okay my line of code is this

@MOTHER is idle_sit_sad_loop and FATHER is idle_sit_armscrossed_unimpressed_loop

It said that the animation may not exist for the character of FATHER …
The thing is … I found the animation under the character of FATHER and clicked on it so it would automatically be put in the script, but it still says the animtion does not exist? How the f—?

Hey @LeviTheLunatic can I see your script with your error ?

Sure, but it won’t help

@DOROTHEA spot 1.154 276 88 in zone 1 and DOROTHEA faces left and DOROTHEA is idle_sit_neutral_loop
@MOTHER spot 1.136 50 97 in zone 1 and MOTHER faces right and MOTHER is idle_sit_serious_loop and FATHER spot 1.073 100 176 in zone 1 and FATHER moves to layer 0 and FATHER faces right and FATHER is read_sit_book_open_neutral_loop
@add Photo Album Open Blue Oxford to FATHER

    DOROTHEA (talk_sit_crossarms_neutral)
    MOTHER (talk_sit_sheepish)
Yes dear?
    DOROTHEA (talk_sit_shrug_neutral)
Why do you think brother decided to join the army, despite the circumstances?
    FATHER (talk_sit_doubtful)
I'm sure it's only to anger us.

@FATHER is read_sit_book_open_neutral_loop
MOTHER (talk_sit_shrug_neutral)
I doubt it was such a stupid reason to …
@remove Photo Album Open Blue Oxford from FATHER
FATHER (talk_sit_deny_neutral)
To do what? Die in the war and leave us all destitute?
MOTHER (talk_sit_sheepish)
My dear, I wish you at least hoped for the best for our boy.
FATHER (talk_sit_deny_neutral)
He knew all of our source of income was entailed. He knew that when I died he would legally be the only one who could inherit.
FATHER (talk_sit_deny_neutral)
He knows that if we both die, his cousin would inherit the house and all the income. The two of you would be thrown out to the curb.
@MOTHER is idle_sit_sad_loop and FATHER is idle_sit_armscrossed_unimpressed_loop
DOROTHEA (talk_sit_reassure_happy)
Papa I wish you didn’t worry.
We all know that cousin Charles might be too vain to think twice about us, but his sister isn’t.
I’m sure that if the worst happened, she would convince Charles to help us. She was always considerate.
@pause for a beat
@FATHER is idle_sit_leanforward_listen_impressed_loop
DOROTHEA (talk_sit_reassure_happy)
And mother. I know you don’t care about us having to live poorly as much as you’re concerned by the obvious.
Either my brother or me getting hurt.
But you know I can manage whatever came my way, and my brother could do the same.
He’s already seen some action and came back. I’m sure that’s the end of it.
@MOTHER is react_sit_armscrossed_surprised_mild
MOTHER (talk_sit_reassure_happy)
Oh Dorothea, you always knew how to brighten up any dark moment in our lives.
Thank you, daughter.
Oh If only you weren’t so plain. Then you would be able to marry wealthy and save us.
@MOTHER is idle_sit_neutral_loop
FATHER (talk_sit_crossarms_neutral)
But we wouldn’t be put in such a situation if he didn’t decide to join the army.
Where did he even get the money for the commission?
He didn’t even ask me for the money, god knows who gave it to him.
@FATHER is idle_sit_armscrossed_unimpressed_loop
DOROTHEA (talk_sit_crossarms_neutral)
I doubt Eugene would do something stupid to obtain such a grand amount of money.
Maybe a friend offered to pay for his commission.
@pause for a beat
DOROTHEA (talk_sit_armscrossed_neutral_loop)
Brother never would’ve wanted to see you angry.
I bet he didn’t want to come to you with this, knowing your worry for him would overcome you, and you would turn to anger and try to stop him.
@DOROTHEA is idle_sit_neutral_loop

sorry to the people who have the same names as my characters and the one person called add becuase I tagged you for no reason by mistake, sorry

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Can u do a ss instead ? I want to be able to see what the error and the code says

Do a what?

Screenshot plz

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Also here’s the proof the animation exsists for the character


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Ok cool . So the error u have from what I can see it’s a just a stupid glitch that’s been going on for a while . It should still work and u should still be able to publish your story as well as the animation should still work perfectly fine on the readers ends . Only problem is your gonna see that triangle on the side but just ignore it but just make sure ur coding is good and then pass on it .

Episode has had this error for about a year now . You’ll know if it’s it bc it’ll say. This animation may display idle for char

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It does say it might display idle for that character instead of the animation.
Thank you, I was just abour ready to be gaslight into believing it’s not the same animation.

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Yep then it’s the glitch .

Np it’s just a glitch/bug that episode has been slackin on fixing .

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