Behaviour name?

does anybody know the name for the behaviour where the char looks like there staring into space, as if to say wtf! lol sorry don’t know how to describe it, thanks.

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Do you mean making a weird face like brows furrowed and have their mouth to be looking a little closed up as if they are trying to say something!

If this is it try t_he shush animation_ and the part that you are talking about can be the end of shush animation!
Or it can be the end of talk_repulsed animation!

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Or for pure confusion, use the end of flirt_fingersnap. It looks like this,


yes that one lol the pure confusion one, but how do I add it to my script without using the whole fingersnap behaviour?

Two ways-
either make a duplicate character and place it offscreen and change the character that has to do it with it…This is a complex one!

And for the simple one just zoom at a spot that doesn’t have the character that is doing it!

brilliant thanks so much! I’ll try the zoom one, thanks for your help

You are welcome! :wink: