Behind sofa background/overlay?

Can someone find/make me a background/overlay?

Like the penthouse sofas, but the overlay /sofa is the view of the back of it so you can see the back of the characters watching tv?
If you don’t understand what i mean I’ll try explain :sweat_smile:

I’ve looked for some, but I didn’t find it, sorry. :kissing_heart:

its fine, they’re not very popular in stories atm lool xP

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I created some myself if anyone wants them, they’re not great but oh well lol
credit if used

Use the low opacity tv screen to make a glass like effect if using the background as a png :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Made these two a bit cleaner bc there was some bits that werent pnggg

Heres the opposite view, credit me if used

Nearly forgot the sofa :joy: