Being a female gamer//why it sucks sometimes

I’ve been been watching some series on YouTube where this girl gets all the footage where she gets bashed on for being a female gamer. The guys telling her she belongs in a kitchen, being arseholes, saying that they will lose because she is a female, people being very sexist and its HORRIBLE. Thise type of guys are stupid and need to learn common sense. I seriously never put on my microphone while playing with random players because I literally FEAR what might come my way if I do, especially after what has happened to me before. I asked where we were going to land in Fortnite, and at first the guy was kind of chill but then he suddenly realized something and asked me, “are you a girl!?” And I admitted it thinking it wasnt a big deal but right after he started being HELLA creepy! Saying things like I’m his girlfriend and that he was going to fuck my skin in the game and wouldnt stop crouching behind my female character in the game and everytime I told him to stop or shut up he would he like, “that’s no way to talk to your boyfriend!” And gahh I literally yelled at him and he had the nerve to start calling me a THOT and SLUT and HOE like what? Gosh, I was beyond upset like I think I was on the urge of tears! Like, alright I get it, IM FEMALE. Not a big deal man! I’m not just some dumb girl who cant play and I swear a lot of guys reply to girls complaining by saying, “you’re asking for it soo” like no, IM NOT. I wish my gender didnt freaking matter! I just want to have fun and play games! I feel bad for all the girls out there who suffer just because they have certain body parts. Its sickening really. I seriously fear microphones and dont ever use mine because of my experiences and it just being a girl doesnt let anything end out well in the gaming community. I do know that there ARE many guys who don’t do this, who are respectful and I’m glad but we need more of guys like that! Agh. Even other females bash on other females and say they arent “real” gamers because they dont use a female skin! LIKE WHAT IN THE EGG NOG. Anyone agree? Disagree?? Please let me know your thoughts.


I hate people who always tell other people this kind of crap.

  1. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, A LOT OF FEMALES DO PLAY VIDEO GAMES, and nothing is wrong with that.

  2. If people don’t have anything nice to say, DON’T SAY IT AT ALL.

  3. U can PLAY IN ANY SKIN YOU WANT TO PLAY. Don’t let these hateful words drag you down. If people don’t like it, or complain, or start calling you names, LET THEM. BLOCK THEM. Start changing those settings to remove hateful comments, etc.

Games are just to have FUN. NOT bashing people for how they play it, how they talk on the microphone, etc. Game is just a damn game.

Guys think that they are better gamers, which they are not, and it isn’t a competition.

I am a gamer myself, I don’t get this kind of thing from anyone. It still sickens me that guys are bashing girls just because they don’t play good, or that their not good at gaming.

Grow the hell up, and leave people alone who are trying to have fun, and mind your business.


wow… that’s stupid. why does it matter so much your a girl… they need to mind their own dang business


Ikr, likes seriously?! I don’t get people at all.


Like I’m a girl and if I wanna play games, I’ll play games. What you gon do about it :joy:


Ahh, sadly what some guys do is harrass you for it. :neutral_face:


Well they still can’t stop me from playing games :woman_shrugging:t5:. So harassing me won’t do anything


Just watch this video everyone.




Just watched it and found it funny lol

“gamer gril” :joy::joy:

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Some of it is, like the actual jokes but the actual genuine stupidness of the guys in the games… ouch

Some of the serious guys and some of the things they said in the chat… yikes

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Yeah, makes me want to throat punch them

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It is a stereotype from a long time that females are designated for doing household chores. They should only do house work. But in my opinion this stereotype is now changing as the females are progressing in every field. Nowdays females are in all sorts of career field. There should be no problem if a female wants to be a gamer. Game is not gender based. It is interest based. It is an achievement for a female to be a female gamer and breaking the stereotype :woman:


That’s sound more like playful boy (maybe 15-years-old and needs to be under therapy, i mean, it’s not a bad thing, it’s good if you are like that and get help, it’s good if you get help ever.) or a pervert.

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You just wanna shove them into the game and blow their heads off :100:

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Yeah! But when we team kill them from anger suddenly they want to say, “jeez, it’s a joke, stop being emotional!” like :face_with_raised_eyebrow::expressionless:

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