Being a newbie writer is kind of really harddddd

Hey guys

Soo i made a previous forum that was not seen but a lot of others and I doubt this one will be seen by others but yah so basically my forum was about how i’m making a story, and I put like the description and like I didn’t put the events in order really. so I thought i’ll go ahead and make a new forum

This is my idea. and I didn’t yet publish i’m oon the first episode without any dialogue cus i spent last night doing… the character customization template…

You and your best friend are out of high school which means into college, you didn’t really care at first but then you got accepted into of the best colleges that was far away from but as long as your best friend was with you it was fine! When you arrive of course there has to be a popular bitch you know what’s going to happen but what if you end up falling for HIM? drama awaits!

I hope that’s interesting but yeah just tell me your opinions and please comment names that might fit the story!

You guys should totally read my previous story, Unexpected Murder the author’s name is Angeliciqra

Love you all!



Honestly, I think it’s kind of cliche. It’s the same plot out there that’s been used a thousand times. If you’re gonna go with this plot and you want keep people intrigued, you have to make things a bit more unique.
But at the end of the day, it’s your story. This is just my advice. :slight_smile: Either way, good luck!

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I know, this is just what I have rn i obviously will try and change a lot of things saidd

what if you added a twist like making it that exact concept but with mythical creatures?
edit: just an idea :sweat_smile:

that’s actually really smart i’ll think about it thank you!

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is this LL or INK

I think the story has a good plot. But if that is the descripttion of your story, it wont fit in the description box when you publish it. Try to shorten it a little

it is lime light

Oh yes I know I’m just telling you guys