Being Able To Choose Your Gender In A Story


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There are mostly female players on Episode. But there is a large amount of male players that enjoy and play Episode. But almost none of the stories let you choose your gender and you’re automatically a female character. I want there to be more stories where MC gets to choose. I dont personally know how to code that, so also share script templates below! Support?


You should go check out @Dara.Amarie 's linktree, she’s an Episode director and has answers to any questions you can ask, she really helped me out


Yes, I’m actually thinking of writing one XD
Episode is a cool app that both males and females can read and interact with-you’re right, all should enjoy and have experience in choosing which gender they want to play as.
My coding has improved, so perhaps, I’ll update my stories and add a male mc option. :thinking:
On the bright side, Episode does have some great stories with male MCs :sparkling_heart:
But it would be great if they had more :wink:


It’s the gain code. I’m doing it for 2 of my stories but I’m thinking of just having one be a Male MC because that one will be more prolonged whereas the other will be 5 eps max. It’s honestly a lot to code though. You basically have two story lines right at the start & it’s even worse if you have important choices. I heard episode is trying to make that easier & much simpler but it’s in development.


I think the template would just be to use gains and then labels at the start of every episode. But like @celestiial.missy said, it’s a lot to code. If you also let the reader choose their sexual preference, then you’ve basically got to write 4 story lines and then if you’re having multiple endings you’ve got to add each ending for each story line too.

But if you’ve got the skills and patience for that then it’s worth it


I love having that option. Two of my current stories allow you to choose your gender (including nonbinary options) and, while it’s a lot of branching, it’s definitely worth it.


Getting to choose gender in a story surely reaches out to a wider circle of readers. My current comedy allows readers to choose your preferred gender. I have 2 main branches for female You and male You. So basically everything I write, I have to write twice for the 2 main branches and also lots of other sub-branchings. I get confused from time to time myself, but like @purplezombieattack said, the result is worth it. :slight_smile:


I feel like it’s much simpler to just have a male MC vs female sometimes bc male MCs barely make it to episode. Especially if it’s a long story with choices that matter! Geez. I can feel the anxiety and I will never do that for a long story unless there’s a feature…


Well, it’s obviously a lot of the coding, but besides that you basically have to write 2 different stories. Female and male characters behave in a different way in almost every situation, so if you want to make this realistic, it will take a very long time to put everything together. On the bright side, your readers would definitely like that you included this option, so good luck if you are going through with that.


I agree, I have 2 stories with female MC and one with a male MC and I’m not sure that any of my stories would work or would make any sense if I switched the genders. Even the supporting characters should be replaced, like all of them.


Being able to choose your gender in a story is pretty awesome!

I’ll be honest, though. If authors weren’t so insistent on calling the female MC ‘you’ all the time, I wouldn’t be so bothered by the lack of male main characters.
“YOU’RE a shy girl.” “YOU are just a simple girl.”

No… I’m not. TBH, maybe I’m just sensitive, but it does make my dysphoric. But, then again, out of the already small population of male players, there’s probably an even smaller population of trans male players. I suppose authors don’t need to change their writing style simply to cater to a tiny, tiny minority,


I don’t understand how authors can write for a default character. I’d get major writer’s block.

Even for my Halloween contest entry I’m having the player choose which gender & what kind of personality type that’s most like them. I just can’t make a YOU character & feel connected to that blank character ugh.


For real!
Blank slate characters aren’t nearly as much fun as others.
Having characters that the readers are supposed to ‘insert’ themselves into is how you come up with protagonists like Anastasia Steele.