"Being His Son" Art Contest and Background Characters! | Open!


I’ll be a human since no one else is really being one! :heart:


Is your story published yet/will be soon?


will be soon :blush:


Can I add a charector plz?
Eyes: upturned bold : hickory
Nose: Elven
Lips: Full (Crimson)
Skin tone: Caramel
Hair: Beach wave (black)
Face shape: Oval

Personality: Goofy, Weird and cute

I don’t mind if she is supernatural or not :heart:


I can try to do the cover. I’m working on a few things right now, but when I’m done i can work on the cover if someone else hasn’t already done it!


Thanks in advance! Im really excited to see your art :two_hearts:


Yeah, no problem! I’ve recently started doing digital art, so I try to find ways to help me practice with it and get better.


I want to participate as a background character! Obviously… Lol

Name: Kayla
Hairstyle: Beach Wave
Haircolor: Fawn
Body color: Light
Eyebrow: Mature Round
Eyeshape: Upturned Feline
Eyecolor: Light Blue
Nose: Elven
Mouth shape: Full Round
Mouth color: Scarlet or Blush
Face shape: Oval
Supernatural or human?: Supernatural
Personality: Fearless, Laziness, Nice, Weird, Tsundere

The outfit can be emo mixed with cuteness or something! You can make it ugly or pretty it’s your choice actually!