Being left out of a big friend group

hey, I’m Amy and as if right now I’m in high school.
Last year I met this pretty amazing friend, she was my bff true the whole year.
We where both kind of akward and didn’t want to be around everyone 24/7,
er still where engaged in a lot but like one yk

but now since this new year, there’s this new boy in my class +everyone feels a lot more comfortable around each other (since this is our second year as one class) and there’s now this whole “group” of people that always hang out, talk, throw parties together and everything.

now my bff suddently isn’t awkward at all with the people in our class and I’m verry happy for her. But the thing is, I feel like she’s kinda ditching me for that whole group.

And I would love to be part of the group but I just don’t feel comfortable around this new boy who is kinda the “leader”.

So yeah, just wanted to say that. If anybody has some advice or anything for me to get through this school year please comment :slight_smile: <3


is it a gut feeling or??


No not really, I know he’s a nice kid but i guess I’m just intimidated by him

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Ah. Hmmm…just try to talk to them?

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this happened to me a few years ago. i had an amazing best friend, & a small, but fun friend group. but this guy started talking more with us & we all hung out a lot, but him & i didn’t. i just didn’t see a point in it. so, i started to get to know the guy, & actually became closer with him. turns out he was a better friend than half of them.

so if i were you, i’d message him, or actually talk to him, or hang out with them more. it seems clichè but when i finally talked to that guy, i felt much better.

anyways, i hope everything turns out okay. :yellow_heart:


:slight_smile: I tried, i do have a friendship with 2 off the girls from the group but they’re like the center of attention in school so we don’t really hang around that much

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thank you so much :slight_smile: I’m so happy that this turned out good for you!


Ok. I recommend what @lvqbrl said.

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Oi, who said you could write my life story? :angry: (I kid lol)

I mean, the way I dealt with constantly being the “last friend” in the group was by not having friends. This is not recommended for various reasons, though. On the one hand, my group didn’t owe me anything just because I didn’t have social skills like them, but on the other hand, I didn’t choose to be the way I am.

But enough about me lol.

All I can advise is to actively insert yourself into that friend group, if that’s where you want to be. Becoming part of a clique isn’t a passive process. As Dare mentioned, becoming friends with some of the core members of the group is a great way to start, finding some common ground, catching on to the inside jokes, that sort of thing.

And if that’s not any fun? There are other classmates. Hanging out with other people doesn’t mean you’re abandoning your bff as long as there’s no hard feelings, there’s no minimum requirements to staying friends as long as you still enjoy spending time together.


I met my current friends 2 years ago too but trust me it’s not like that I know them for too long. As the time pass by and we feel more comfortable around each other we show our real selves, sometimes one of my friends makes those bad jokes, that he never did the previous year and it really got me thinking. What I wanted to say is Please be careful of fake friends I knew my old friends for like 12 years, I thought that we would grow old together but instead the first year that they left from school and I was studying to get in a university they didn’t even text a good luck when I was giving the exam, neither asked me if I got accepted somewhere. So I am saying, just be careful, you don’t want to spend your time with people that don’t care about you. Now about your situation, I guess you can talk to your bff, she maybe feels the same, or even you can give more time to the new kid, you maybe eventually like him. I said you all of that about fake friends because you wrote this

Ofc I can’t judge the girl bc idk her, but you know her, soooo I guess if she is a true friend she won’t ditch you for someone else

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thank you :slight_smile: this really helped

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I’ve been in a situation like this before. Just try and talk to other people maybe. The easiest people to talk to are the kids who are more quiet. Talk to kids like them. You’ll find someone. Or you can talk to him maybe. Hope things work out.

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