"Believe In Me" Story Recommendations


"Hey guys WELCOME to my HIDDEN GEMS list"
I have found some great stories while I was reviewing, and some I found beautiful.

Here goes my list

Tyre Pressure by @NDWrites

The Day I Said Goodbye by @megCMU2018

The Treasure of San Javier by @Coni.B

21 Dates by @MeilaSummers

Unrequited by @fluffyrice

The Spicy Payback by @DayHeaven

Love, Unexpectedly by @Elodie

One Of The Guys by @MidnightBlue

Assassins Of Blackwood by @DanaViolet


Aaaaaah, thank you so much for this sweet and incredible mention!
I really appreciate it :pray:t5::heart:

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Your welcome

I loved your story :heart:!!!

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This means a lot to me, thank you :black_heart::blob_hearts:

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Awww tysm!

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