Bella’s Writing Tips and Advice (Do’s and Don’ts)

Why hello there fellow Episodians! Thank you for visiting this thread. Today, I would like to share some writing advice for anyone who wants it. I’m not really that great at coding or directing but I do really like writing so if you have any questions or if you need help feel free to ask moi!
Now, let’s get to it!

By the way, there are more don’t then do’s. Double the amount actually…


  • If there’s a twist in your story, make it something no one would expect.
  • Try your best and have fun doing so.
  • Try to really get into the readers mind. Think if you were a reader, would you read and enjoy this story?
  • Explain to the audience anything that is confusing.


  • Try not to go for cliche’s.
  • Do not give your audience spoilers in the episodes
  • If there is a twist don’t tell the audience no matter how excited you are about it.
  • Don’t be rude to your readers, if they are rude to you, just ignore them or deliver a really great comeback (that isn’t too mean).
  • Don’t use episode as a way to fill the void - if you have one - of craving attention.
  • Don’t give away any personal information obviously, if this story is about you then you can but don’t use the names of people in real life or give any family or friends info.
  • Don’t use characters from other people’s stories unless you have permission.
  • Don’t copy another persons story or do their story in another style.

I hope this helps.

From Bella.


This is really helpful thank you :white_heart:

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You’re welcome! I love your username :joy:.

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lol thank you :joy:

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