Bellas art shop

I love it! Thank you soooo much!

Your welcome.

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This isn’t really related but my name is Bella too. :blush:

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Haven’t met another person with the same name as me before :slightly_smiling_face: (I’m weird sorry)

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Wow really? I know so many other Bella’s. Well, mostly Isabella’s.

Yeah I’m weird :joy:
I haven’t met one :no_mouth:

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I like to call myself weird too. But in a good way.

Yeah I do to

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I really like it!!! I was wondering… is it maybe possible to make my nose a lot smaller because I literally have the smallest nose? Also, can you give me eyelashes?? If you can’t that’s okay too!!!

Also, there are freckles on my forehead but it’s fine.

I still really like it!

I can fix it if you want


Everything else is really nice

I’ll start on it later and get it to you by tomorrow or the next day if that’s okay



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Your welcome

How’s it coming??