Bello! Need reviews on My latest art!


Hello guys I need some reviews on my latest art!

Out of 1-10 tell me what’s your opinion!
And what can I do better next time.




I give a 9/10

It looks amazing! But where are her fingers?


Same here


I just relized that lol!
I can’t draw no hands on fingers.
Anyone want to give me any turtorials on fingers?


I second that



Is this any better?


It’s a lot better!


If you’re wondering what I use.

I use mostly

  • Ibis Paint x
    In a bout a month I am going to start using procreate so Get ready to see my worse edits lol.


You are very talented :heart_eyes:


Just used some eazy tools On ibisPaint x
I know you can do a lot better than me!
Chuckles :joy:


Yas queen lmao :joy:


There is no way I would be able to do something that good! I wish I could :sob:


I’ll give ya some tips.

  • I Outlined everything on Black (Dip Pen Hard)

  • The shadows I used a darker but caramel color and used the pen. (Dip Pen Soft) the bigger size it is the better shadows. (It works for me…)

  • For the highlights I just use white and the pen (Dip Pen Hard)




Ohh perfect thanks! I might try it out!


Sometimes use
The force fade something to make it a little smoother. So it wouldn’t be rough.


Ok thanks


Yeah! It’s really good


Thanks! I am so happy you guys told me to but some fingers there lol